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More from the Snowden data dump: looks like the NSA is  cataloging every cell phone call made in the Bahamas. What makes this different from their monitoring of similar calls in countries like Mexico, the Philippines, and Kenya, is that they’re not just recording the time, source, and destination—they’re recording the actual “Hey, mon, what the surfin’ be like” audio.

The agency defends the surveillance (which is part of a super-secret-triple-pinkie-swear system called SOMALGET) as necessary to the war on terror. Funny, then, how their own docs—and their cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency—put the target square on the backs of narcotics traffickers, not suitcase bombers. War on terror, war on drugs…whatever. It’s all bad guys, right?

Plus, it’s only the Bahamas. It’s not like the NSA’s secretly recording homegrown calls in an effort to nail your ass for illegally downloading the new Black Keys album.

Just keep telling yourself that. And pretty soon SOMALGET will come and get ya.