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I’d like to tell you what came out of last month’s meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Copenhagen.

I’d like to…but I can’t. Because, as you may know, the Bilderberg meetings are conducted behind closed doors, with total media blackout. Which is just what you want when the world’s most powerful, influential, and ambitious people from government, finance, and industry get together under one roof.

This was the 60th meeting of the ultra-elite conclave…and if you look back at 1954 and everything that’s gone wrong since, it’s a pretty whopping coincidence. I mean, I can’t definitively pin it all on the Bilderbergers, because of their double-super-secret-handshake-decoder-ring thing…but for the same reason, I can’t absolve them of it, either.

And you have to ask yourself: what’s the point of all that secrecy, unless they’re plotting something they know the rest of us aren’t going to like? If they were out to, say, cure cancer or unilaterally outlaw nukes or introduce calorie-free ice cream, wouldn’t they be only too happy to sayso?

But don’t take it from me. Check out Daniel Estulin, who’s been dogging the BG for years and even written a book about them. Hear what he thinks they’re up to.

You should be sitting down, though. And possibly have a couple shots of single malt ready. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


CLUE 5 : part 6



The next number in The Challenge of Six final code is 0.


A recent video claiming to prove the existence of chemtrails was seemingly discredited by professional debunkers after it went viral. Why then was it necessary for the video also to be removed? Who is afraid of what, exactly? Anyway, it’s back up ; have a look and make up your own mind.


The inquiries into where MH370 ended up—and why—keep coming. Here’s an intriguing new angle: the plane was the victim of the U.S.’s jealousy of its drone program. Yep—you heard that right. And it makes pretty decent sense when you see it all laid out.


Regular readers of Fawkes Rising know how wary your humble blogger is of Bitcoin, the digital payment system introduced as open-source software in 2009, and whose total transaction volume now exceeds PayPal’s. Well, it looks like my skittishness is right on the money (see what I did there?), given the big reveal about “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the pseudonym used by the Bitcoin Core creator, whose true identity is unknown (because that always inspires confidence).

The new revelation comes on the heels of earlier suggestions that Bitcoin is actually a creation of the U.S. government with the aim of eventually creating a digital, one-world, deflationary currency, and that Satoshi himself (or herself, or themselves) is possibly an agent working under orders from the NSA or DARPA.

Now an intrepid reddit user has presented compelling evidence that Satoshi is actually Tatsuaki Okamoto, an NSA researcher and investgator.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? A digital currency is way easier for the government to monitor than messy, wayward, perishable cash. Especially if the digital currency is the government’s very own invention.

Many of Fawkes Rising’s haters accuse me of being the kind of guy who hides greenbacks in his mattress. In fact, my so-called “paranoia” has always stopped well short of that. But if this keeps up, I’m not making any promises.