As the world gears up for another major announcement of hot new Apple products, it’s worth remembering why tech companies keep upping the ante this way. True, it’s partially down to the increasing pace of innovation, and yeah, you gotta tip your hat to that; human ingenuity at its finest. But the darker side of the deal is that financial institutions and the elites who own and run them, actually benefit from keeping you in perpetual debt. So while the amazing new Apple devices give you the illusion of greater freedom and control, in fact your credit card is keeping you enslaved. There’s a solution, of course: there always is. And it begins with awareness.

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  1. Ollie

    Fawkes, I know you are probably right about the slavery to Apple but then I read this article from Stephen Fry and I just want to buy it all anyway. Because he makes a lot of good points too. And I know you’re just gonna say they paid him to say it (because, of course you are) but damn does it sound good!

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