I’m delighted to report that in Full Cort Press’ staring contest with Granville High, the good guys have triumphed. Granville blinked, Full Cort is reinstated, and her school-wide Digital Detox idea has even been greenlighted—it’s scheduled for Wednesday.

It’s a small victory on the scale of things; but it’s a reminder of a principle we need to reaffirm every now and then. That old paranoid refrain—“Who watches the watchmen?”—has an answer: we do. They may stalk us and harass us and intrude on our privacy, but we can face them down and hold them to account. We won’t always win…but we’ll never win if we don’t fight.

Let the battle continue.

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  1. Alistair

    blogging about a digital detox. totally makes sense.

  2. The Full Cort

    Thank you so much for taking an interest and standing up for my little movement. I saw your counterpoint about why we shouldn’t unplug. There’s some fair points in there but I still contend that we have an over reliance on technology and I can say it felt WONDERFUL to have that monkey off my back, so to speak. Regardless, I appreciate your kind words of support. Really makes me feel like I’m on the right track!

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