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As of this post, I will no longer be running Fawkes Rising. What was once a fun (albeit important) diversion from my daily life has now turned into something threatening. It’s safe to say there is no such thing as free speech in this country. But we have the right to live without harassment or threats from an overreaching government.

I choose a life free of looking over my shoulder. I choose a life free of fearing what’s around the corner. I choose a life, period.

The story of the silenced six has been told. They gave their lives to expose an awful truth. And America shrugged.

We citizens claim that freedom is important to us. Yet, everyday, we casually surrender it to corporations and government who do with it as they please. We do not demand accountability for their actions; we instead continue to buy their apps, use their platforms, or yield a blind eye to their civil rights violations.

We are sheep. We have been herded. And no one listens in our perpetual American slumber.

I wish I could tell you Fawkes will be back.

I don’t believe he ever will.


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This afternoon, my wife called me in a panic. The baby monitor had been giving off a lot of static. When she went to adjust it, she heard two strange men talking. About me. About our daughter.  Yes, you guessed correctly: our baby monitored got hacked. 

After my wife checked on the baby (who was fine, thank God), she managed to record part of the conversation (video and transcript below). I contacted the police immediately and raced the four hours to be with my girls. I couldn’t believe what she told me. How … demented, evil. I then checked to see if such a thing has happened in the past. Tragically, it has.

During my drive home, all I thought about was how this whole thing is my fault. Because I made a promise to a friend a few years ago. Because I ignored the warning signs. Because I told myself this wasn’t real.

My poor wife. Who has been in hiding for days because of me. I thought I had sent her and my daughter to somewhere safe. I was wrong.

I can hardly sleep. I can hardly breathe. I can hardly live with myself.

Fawkes, I fear you’re never coming back.




Man #1: …figure out how to teach him a lesson. But in the meantime…

Man #2: How old is that kid, like 8, 9 months?

Man #1: I don’t know I’m not good with kids’ ages. I have no idea…

Man #2: It’s crazy to think… to send them off like this… I mean it’s

Man #1: Wait… are you pressing the button? I think you’re talking, are you talking through that thing?

Man #2: Wait… This thing is on? Oh!

Man #1: Go to the left! To the left!

Man #2: Ok! Ok!

The Terrifying Truth About SH1FT

I haven’t slept. I haven’t been able to turn off my brain. I’ve been going over the events of the last month again and again in my head. It just never added up for me. Why would Kevin Sharpe take any interest in this blog?

Obviously, Fawkes played a small but important role in exposing him for the dirtbag he is. So a vendetta? I’m sure a political insider like him keeps score regarding all the people he feels have wronged him. But why put so much effort into driving me crazy and trying to cripple the site? Why threaten my family’s safety? Why destroy lives? Fawkes wasn’t the only one to detail Sharpe’s misdeeds.

That’s when it hit me like a lightening bolt. I know it only puts me and my family in more danger to write what I’m about to write but I now have a duty to more than just my family. I have a duty to all of you.

Fear. It’s the only reason Sharpe would go through so much trouble to intimidate me and try to destroy this website. With his legal troubles all but behind him he can resume his life. And his life’s work.

SH1FT is not dead.

Whatever name it may have now, whatever form it may take (or has already taken), I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of SH1FT. Or perhaps we have. Because after the very public Panjea debacle I am sure that Sharpe will keep his surveillance program under lock and key.

Based on how easily he tracked me and my family, I shudder at the thought of SH1FT’s true scope. It’s almost as if Sharpe knew what I would do before I even did. If this is the new model for domestic surveillance, count me out.

The only thing scarier than a bigger, stronger SH1FT program is the realization that a madman is behind it all.



I Refuse to Hide

My wife has reported seeing a man loitering outside her work, keeping tabs on her. I realize now the danger I’m putting my family in. I’ve sent them somewhere safe, where they can’t be found. I refuse to allow some shadowy string-puller to scare me into submission. I now believe SH1FT was only the beginning. More soon.


– Bob

Being Followed

Only a few days ago I thought I might have been over-reacting and had many justifications for why I kept seeing the same Chevy Suburban for the past couple of weeks. How 72 hours changes things. I am absolutely certain someone is following me. Clearly, it’s a scare tactic, but why? And who is this guy?


– Bob

FR 21

FR 27

FR 34FR 44

Sharpe Turn Downward

Against my better judgment, I met this so-called journalist. I say “so-called” because after my previous article about Operation Mockingbird, I did some digging before we met and found at this guy is a shill for the federal government – namely, for Kevin Sharpe.

I expected a subtle overture to steer me away from my tirades against the NSA, CIA, et al. What I got instead was a veiled threat.

This person warned me that there are several officials who have taken a particular interest in Fawkes and now in me. When I asked which officials, he kept it cryptic but said all I needed to hear to know he was alluding to Sharpe. The journalist revealed he is one of many tasked with tracking me. And he told me outright that if I didn’t stop what I was doing, there’d be “consequences.”

Consequences. Like the silenced six.

Consequences. Which can mean only one thing.

My life is in danger.


– Bob


Yesterday I received an out-of-the-blue e-mail from someone claiming to be a journalist who writes about similar issues as I do. He asked if I would like to meet in person. I don’t know if he’s legit or not and, frankly, I am loathe to find out. Take a look at what he wrote and let me know what you think.


– Bob


Server Migration

Woke up this morning to an e-mail from the hosting service Fawkes uses stating that they are terminating his contract effective immediately due to excessive complaints. I find this shocking since I know the web traffic for this site and it has died down considerably since election season. Clearly, since you’re reading this, I’ve successfully migrated the servers to a new hosting company. I apologize now if some posts are unavailable or the site behaves a little wonky. Please bear with me as I get everything up and running. The truth can’t be silenced.



No News is Good News

It’s been a few days and, thankfully, there’ve been no car sightings. Nor have there been any mysterious calls or weird hang ups. It’s almost enough to convince me that I’ve been overreacting to a series of coincidences. But… there were just too many of them. I don’t know what’s going on or why they stopped all of a sudden. I have a feeling, however, this isn’t over. I’ll keep you posted.



The Energy Crisis

Though climate deniers work hard to convince us the planet is fine, they have ceased to be relevant in the sane world. Every industry is currently figuring out how to lower emissions. Sadly, the world could be at zero emissions if it weren’t for the auto industry.

There are a number of zero-emission vehicles – one that runs on pure water, a car that runs on salt water, and, of course, Bruce DePalma’s N-Machine – that would revolutionize the world as we know it. All of these machines, however, have failed to gain traction and many alternate-fuel innovators have been discredited and died young. But why?

The obvious answer is that the oil industry has too much at stake to allow alternate fuels to thrive. Looking deeper, as The Orion Project has, reveals an oil industry working in close proximity with the US government. Even though oil dependence makes the United States vulnerable, it makes the rest of the world vulnerable as well. Delays in the Keystone XL Pipeline passage ensure that, when resources start drying up, the US will be in possession of one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Only after that resource begins to dry up will you see serious support for zero-emissions fuels.

Of course, at that point, the US government will be sitting on a pyramid of cash in a nearly uninhabitable planet.