Panjea Mastermind Charges Dropped

Last month’s election already feels like eons ago due to the grand jury travesties of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. But even before those came to pass, this nation seemed to have sadly – if not prematurely – moved on from the Panjea scandal, accepting it with a collective shrug after momentary indignation.

I know that Fawkes was particularly interested in the story since he played a pivotal role in its unfolding. I know that wherever he is, he’s as outraged as I that today, buried on the fifth page of the Washington Post, is a 500-word article about Panjea mastermind Kevin Sharpe’s arraignment.

For those living under a rock, Sharpe, a key Lovett strategist before he became too toxic for her campaign, is the mastermind behind the SH1FT worm that would have turned every computer on the planet into a spying machine for the US government. Today it was announced that there was not enough evidence tying him to the murder of five hackers, murders that are currently still filed as accidents.

Despite the release of thousands of documents, including hundreds of e-mails between the still-missing Panjea CEO Victor Ignacio and Sharpe, discussing how these mysteriously deceased hackers were becoming “problematic” and outlining how they needed to be “dealt with,” a D.C. Circuit judge today announced that all murder charges would be dropped, ensuring that Sharpe will avoid a potential life sentence.

While there are still dozens of other charges still pending against him, don’t be surprised if all of the most serious are dismissed. Kevin Sharpe, perhaps the biggest government dirtbag ever to conspire with Silicon Valley, remains free on bail and continues “consulting” to tech giants whose everyday presence in millions of American’s lives is unquestionable. Sharpe’s motives, however, are unquestionable.


– Bob

CIA Special Projects, Part II

Operation Mockingbird is the CIA project that directly influences mass media. Established in the 1940s and investigated by Senator Frank Church in 1975, the project directly paid for the cooperation of news outlets, journalists and television networks to frame policy issues in pro-government ways.

While then-CIA director George H.W. Bush “discontinued” the program in 1976, he did state on the record that the CIA would continue to welcome the unpaid support of journalists. It’s questionable, then, why major journalists like Anderson Cooper and Thomas Friedman, who had internships at the CIA, have gone on to play such large roles in global political journalism. Furthermore, thanks to the always-reliable RT America and Abby Martin, we now know that the DoD is actively trolling social media with a pro-US spin.

Considering the way in which the national media was manipulated in the wake of STOP’s dramatic hacking of the Presidential debate and how quickly the Panjea scandal churned through the 24-hour news cycle, it’s not shocking that Mockingbird is actually alive and well.



Guess Who’s Back

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My unmarked friend went missing for a few days but has been following nonstop now since Thursday. I casually tried to make my way toward him but he merged and took off (almost hitting that cyclist). This is beginning to feel too real. And I don’t know what to do about it.



CIA Special Projects – Part I

To open with a cliché, power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Of all the gross violations of human rights that the American government has ever carried out (that we know about), I would argue that their worst was Project MKULTRA. Yes, I put it above the PRISM program.

For those that don’t know, MKULTRA was a decades-long CIA study of the brain’s limits. Specifically, it studied how to control, manipulate and break down the mind. The project included such unethical experiments as administering LSD to unwitting citizens, hypnotizing unwilling participants into doing illegal activities (such as Sirhan Sirhan’s assassination of Bobby Kennedy), and the development of chemical weapons.

Officially, the program ended in 1973 because the CIA ran into trouble with Congress but we know that many of MKULTRA’s programs are still being used. Waterboarding? Agent Orange? Subliminal messaging? Check. Check. Check.

So, what makes MKULTRA worse than, say, the most invasive privacy rights violation in American history? PRISM’s objective is to know absolutely everything about everyone. MKULTRA’s objective was to control anyone at any time and the sad truth is that MKULTRA has continued unabated for 40 years under various code names and with ever-evolving objectives. In that time, the CIA has perfected their techniques. They no longer require capturing the victim or even being in the same room.

A strong mind is the only real weapon you have in this war. Enlighten yourself and check out these fantastic books on the subject:

The Mind Manipulators by Alan W. Scheflin

Operation Mind Control by W.H. Bowart

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John D. Marks



The Secret Wars

Despite assurances from his campaigns in 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama has not ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While ground forces have vacated, the regions remain active war zones thanks to the President’s expansive drone program, which costs the American taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Surprisingly, mainstream media service Reuters (of all places) has expertly dissected Obama’s illegal war and calls out the President for his Big Brother routine.



How to Start a War

Coming from the always on-point Truthloader is this brilliant primer on how governments systematically prepare its citizens for a war. This isn’t new information but the footage of global leaders pulling from the same playbook is incredible. For readers who don’t run their own countries: these tactics can also be employed at your office, your school or inside your own home.



The Singularity

Science fiction is my favorite literary genre and I’ve always loved the concept of The Singularity; the destruction of civilization by artificial intelligence. In my favorite novels it’s usually depicted as a violent war or insurrection. The Panjea scandal has me thinking that the destruction of society could come about from something much more subtle: social media.

Specifically, our willingness to compromise our privacy and put it in the hands of a corporation that has no loyalty to its’ customers is a naïve mistake that can transform a Democracy into a Big Brother tyranny.

With all we know about social media juggernauts’ attempts to track users and non-users alike through infected computers, we all owe 503-ERROR a debt of gratitude for exposing Victor Ignacio and Kevin Sharpe.

Of course, we’re still left wondering what their endgame could have been. With Ignacio on the run and Sharpe refusing to speak, it’s all speculation at this point. I suspect that the media’s favororite theory – that the SH1FT worm was meant to influence election outcomes – is a bit lacking. After all, the nation already has Diebold!

There’s also the question of the government’s involvement. The highest authorities have unanimously denounced Sharpe. “Gone rogue” may as well be his nickname at this point.. I think it would be foolish to ignore his DoD ties, however. I suspect that SH1FT’s purpose was far more sinister – a PRISM program on steroids. And with Ignacio still out there and Sharpe looking like he might avoid serious jail time, I sincerely doubt we’ve seen the last of SH1FT in whatever form the program will take now.



Casual Encounters


This car has become a companion for me over the last few days. It makes me think I’m being monitored but I have no idea why I would be… unless, for some reason, I’ve caused a stir with the FBI, DHS, the coal police, or a crazy fan. (David Letterman, I am not.)  Part of me wants to believe this is an odd coincidence, but it’s been the same car now since Saturday. I have seen it at the grocery store, across the street from my home, and at a gas station two towns over. Trying to keep a level head about this. Stay tuned…



The Most Evil Corporation

You’d think of all the choices out there, picking the World’s Most Evil Corporation would be difficult. Surprisingly, Monsanto has been the unanimous choice of the people for several years running. If you don’t know the name, take a look at this video, which details the many atrocities, both past and present, perpetrated by this CHEMICAL company masquerading as a AGRICULTURAL company.



November 25, 2014

Feeling better today and decided to run a few errands that have been piling up. At almost every stop along the way I am certain I saw the same Black Chevy Suburban. I know I’ve been on edge lately so I tried to ignore it, but it seems like too much of a coincidence that this car just happened to go to every place I went, right? Or am I just being paranoid?