Ringing, Ringing, Ringing

I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts straight. Even when it’s not ringing I hear the phone echoing in my skull. I’ve unplugged my phone but that hasn’t really helped. It’s like the ringing is permenantly imprinted in my head. I apologize to all of you.

I promise more posts in the future. Let’s just call this one a sick day.



The Granddaddy of Them All

Fifty-one years after the fact, there are still questions about JFK’s assassination. Even though the official story has been staunchly defended by government elites, there is overwhelming evidence against it. Members of the “unimpeachable” Warren Commission have even come forward stating inconsistencies with the official story. Throw in the fact that absolutely no one denies that the FBI and CIA interfered in the investigation and you have a perfect storm of government deception.

The theories behind the how and why are fascinating and almost as fun to dissect as the Zapruder film itself. Through the noise, however, there has always been one theory that has stood out for me: Vice President Lyndon Johnson ordered the hit. If this video doesn’t convince you, then perhaps Jacqueline Kennedy, who spoke on the record about her beliefs, can.

If this still isn’t enough to convince you, you’re probably too naïve for this blog.



Dramatis Personai Protest

In the wake of the scandal surrounding this year’s election and the revelations about Dramatis Personai’s membership, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that that were no longer active. However, as promised by their mouthpiece, YoureWelcomeSOS, the group took to the streets of Hollywood to protest privacy rights violations and the next administration’s Internet policies, proving they are alive and well.

Protesting outside the CNN building, the group made their obvious distrust of mainstream media known. Earlier this year they disabled CNN, as well as everymajor news outlet, in an attack on their biased journalism. YoureWelcomeSOS provided a few photos of tonight’s protest.




photo 52 photo 33 photo 23

No Good Choices in Cell Phones

Cell phones have become ubiquitous tools that have transformed from near-useless single-use bricks to slim high-speed computers filled with information about their owners. Now they are once again a privacy rights battleground pitting law “enforcement” agencies against American citizens.

Apple and Google’s announcement that their phones will come with automatic encryption features met with vocal disdain from FBI Director James Comey, who claimed that cops won’t be able to do their jobs unless they have instant access to your selfies (and can occasionally text themselves your nudes).

We know already of the warrantless wiretaps that supposedly ended in 2007, but recent leaks show that the government has merely altered their methods for illegally tapping into your cell phone.

By employing Cessna aircrafts outfitted with fake cell towers, aka “Dirtboxes,” agencies around the country are able to capture every call you make and can actually infiltrate the data on your phone. Unsurprisingly, they justify their methods by stating it’s for our own protection. Sadly, no level of standard encryption will protect consumers from having their cell phones exploited in this way and there are no clear signs that you’re connected to a fake tower unless, of course, your call is dropped.

Considering how many strange calls I’ve received lately, don’t be surprised if you find me on my roof with a pair of binoculars.




Big Things Promised

Hacktivist organization Dramatis Personai, has been making noise on social media, promising another privacy rights protest in Los Angeles on the 20th. After a flurry of activity in the month of October, including blacking out the major news networks and calling out social media giants for their shady data practices I know they were a particular favorite of Fawkes so I will follow the story. I’ve reached out to Dramatis mouthpiece, YoureWelcomeSOS, and hope to hear from him soon.





The New Terror

For the past several months, the name ISIS has become synonymous with evil. And a great deal of press has been given to the extremist organization. What the mainstream media hasn’t really investigated, however, is its origins. Killing indiscriminately halfway around the globe in a war America “isn’t” involved in, they are actually a manufactured evil. Even minimally exploring the emergence of ISIS reveals the depressing truth of American interventionism. Shortsighted at best, the US government’s involvement is tantamount to war crimes.

Publicly, the US government opposes ISIS but the militants were funded and supplied by American taxpayers. Looking into government actions in the Syrian civil war reveals sordid dealings in which the government supplied arms to “moderate rebels.” Evidently, the criteria for “moderate” are up for debate. A Syrian General with known ties to the CIA admitted as much when he stated on Syrian National television that he was working directly with Islamic extremists. State Department officials can, of course, deny direct involvement with these extremists, since they only supplied the General but that kind of logic would be criminally incompetent if it were true. Eventually the arms provided to the “moderate” rebels would end up in the hands of Syrian extremists and the US government fully expected this.

Crazy as it seems, the government believed pro-Sharia extremists would benefit them in Syria. Aiding them was a strategic choice, one that may directly result in the first major terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11. Leaks from the intelligence community have confirmed that the US government employed the same strategy that gave rise to Al-Qaeda, which involves arming a rebellious faction to aid against a common enemy, discrediting the faction once they are no longer useful and eventually going to war with said faction, providing untold riches to the military industrial complex. Looks like we can expect a ground war in 2015.



Phone Calls

The calls have not stopped coming and frankly, it’s driving me up the wall. It isn’t funny. And it isn’t clever. What is with all the clicks and beeps? Why are you trying to scare me?

I beg again that whoever is responsible PLEASE STOP.



Obama Plays Hero Once Again


Political affiliation aside, I have to applaud President Obama for the way he manipulates policy discussion to make himself constantly look like a hero. On Monday, the President came out in favor of Net Neutrality, making him the patron saint of Internet freedom advocates everywhere.

This is the same man who appointed former telecom lobbyist Tom Wheeler to head the FCC. As telecom’s most influential player, Wheeler has cleared a path for the monopolistic mega-mergers that his agency now stands poised to approve. And he’s, of course, the man who gets to decide whether the Internet remains open and free or operates on a two-tier system of paid “fast lanes.”

Standing apart from it all is President Obama, who has largely escaped criticism for his hand in this mess. Read this offensive Times article, which makes the dubious claim that the White House’s position “evolved” and you’ll see how brilliantly the President has manipulated the public.

Despite what he says, he is still intent on destroying Internet freedoms. Cable providers were among Obama’s biggest donors and you can bet that with the FCC’s new proposed rules expected any day Internet fast lanes will soon become a reality.

Of course, it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. The United States government can flip the Internet Kill Switch whenever they’d like and tap into any telecom’s pipes to collect reams of data on you and yours. That, again, is another way in which the President has earned my resentful respect: he’s a master magician who has us blinded over a debate – Internet freedom – that was decided in a secret court years ago.



Indyref Fraud

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of election fraud history. Not only is it crazy that 100+-year old tactics still work today, it’s equally shocking that this kind of fraud is always written off as losers’ paranoia. Scotland’s recent failed bid for independence had many crying foul. Thanks to an eagle-eyed nationalist, we have definitive proof that Indyref was rigged.



A Little Decency Please

I know I’ve only been at this a few days now. Yes, I am no Fawkes Rising. Your avalanche of e-mails have made that abundantly clear. But, seriously …

I’m honestly trying my best here. So please stop trolling me, passing my number around, and whatever else you’re planning to do. No one deserves a perpetual salvo of ominous phone calls. The menacing breathing, the clicks on the other end of the line — I mean, c’mon!

If you’re that displeased with what I’m doing, write. It. down. This is a blog, you know.  Opposing viewpoints are welcome.

And so is a little courtesy.