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The .01%

Digging around the site, I see Fawkes has previously written about the Bilderberg Group. It’s a compelling read if you haven’t checked it out already. If you don’t know the story, they’re a group of ultra-elite politicians, generals, executives, etc. (think the .01%) and they’re responsible for global policy. Why has no one made a movie about these guys yet?!

I stayed up a bit past my bedtime and found this phenomenal work by Business Insider, which includes a handy graph that shows the unquestionable influence the known members of Bilderberg wields with every major multi-national corporation, policy group and media outlet.

It’s quite the web they weave.






I’d like to tell you what came out of last month’s meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Copenhagen.

I’d like to…but I can’t. Because, as you may know, the Bilderberg meetings are conducted behind closed doors, with total media blackout. Which is just what you want when the world’s most powerful, influential, and ambitious people from government, finance, and industry get together under one roof.

This was the 60th meeting of the ultra-elite conclave…and if you look back at 1954 and everything that’s gone wrong since, it’s a pretty whopping coincidence. I mean, I can’t definitively pin it all on the Bilderbergers, because of their double-super-secret-handshake-decoder-ring thing…but for the same reason, I can’t absolve them of it, either.

And you have to ask yourself: what’s the point of all that secrecy, unless they’re plotting something they know the rest of us aren’t going to like? If they were out to, say, cure cancer or unilaterally outlaw nukes or introduce calorie-free ice cream, wouldn’t they be only too happy to sayso?

But don’t take it from me. Check out Daniel Estulin, who’s been dogging the BG for years and even written a book about them. Hear what he thinks they’re up to.

You should be sitting down, though. And possibly have a couple shots of single malt ready. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


CLUE 5 : part 6



The next number in The Challenge of Six final code is 0.