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No Good Choices in Cell Phones

Cell phones have become ubiquitous tools that have transformed from near-useless single-use bricks to slim high-speed computers filled with information about their owners. Now they are once again a privacy rights battleground pitting law “enforcement” agencies against American citizens.

Apple and Google’s announcement that their phones will come with automatic encryption features met with vocal disdain from FBI Director James Comey, who claimed that cops won’t be able to do their jobs unless they have instant access to your selfies (and can occasionally text themselves your nudes).

We know already of the warrantless wiretaps that supposedly ended in 2007, but recent leaks show that the government has merely altered their methods for illegally tapping into your cell phone.

By employing Cessna aircrafts outfitted with fake cell towers, aka “Dirtboxes,” agencies around the country are able to capture every call you make and can actually infiltrate the data on your phone. Unsurprisingly, they justify their methods by stating it’s for our own protection. Sadly, no level of standard encryption will protect consumers from having their cell phones exploited in this way and there are no clear signs that you’re connected to a fake tower unless, of course, your call is dropped.

Considering how many strange calls I’ve received lately, don’t be surprised if you find me on my roof with a pair of binoculars.