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It’s a little over two weeks to Election Day, and with the polls showing no clear frontrunner the candidates are doubling down on the negative. Astonishingly, this provides us with our first opportunity to hear them say things that are refreshingly, resoundingly true. Lovett says of Tooms: “It’s evidence of his contempt for average Americans that after spending decades in the Senate serving as a paid vote for corporate interests at the expense of middle-class taxpayers, he can now present himself, without irony, as the champion of the common man.” And Tooms says of Lovett: “I don’t know whether she’s delusional or just cynical. But after seven years as head of the Secret Service, she doesn’t get a free pass when she tries to position herself as a Joan of Arc for Internet freedom. The woman’s responsible for more transgressions against Americans’ privacy than anyone else currently alive. Vote her into office and you’ll get four years of secrecy, information gathering, and collaborating with Big Tech to control every waking moment of your lives.”