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A Little Decency Please

I know I’ve only been at this a few days now. Yes, I am no Fawkes Rising. Your avalanche of e-mails have made that abundantly clear. But, seriously …

I’m honestly trying my best here. So please stop trolling me, passing my number around, and whatever else you’re planning to do. No one deserves a perpetual salvo of ominous phone calls. The menacing breathing, the clicks on the other end of the line — I mean, c’mon!

If you’re that displeased with what I’m doing, write. It. down. This is a blog, you know.  Opposing viewpoints are welcome.

And so is a little courtesy.



November 3, 2014

Dear Fawkes Rising readers: You may have noticed that the site has been dark since October 24th. Let me assure you, you have nothing to worry about. In light of recent events, Fawkes felt it necessary to have a lower profile.

I can assure you he’s fine. I go back years with Fawkes and once upon a time, I gave my word that in his absence I would step in and maintain his feeds.

For purposes of this blog, I’ll be going by “Bob.” Forgive me for the cloak and dagger. Like Fawkes, I need to protect my true identity.

I’ll do my best to maintain the commitment to truth that Fawkes has established. The wheels may be a bit squeaky around here for a few days but they will be rolling. Expect more very soon.



The Granville High presidential debate is tomorrow, and Courtney Garcia—a.k.a. Full Cort Press, the student/blogger whose essay to CNN won the debate for the school—will be there asking questions. Since Courtney has apparently now discovered Fawkes Rising (and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma’am), I’d like to propose a few additions to the list:

For Angela Lovett:

  • Can you positively and unequivocally say you support net neutrality? And if not, why?
  • What would be your first act as president to safeguard American’s Internet privacy? And how soon into your first term would this occur?
  • As head of the Secret Service, you oversaw the collection and analysis of personal data on private citizens. How do you justify this practice? Do you still support it? And if not, will you act to disable the various security agencies from pursuing it? And will you apologize to those Americans whose privacy was invaded during your tenure?

For Clancy Tooms:

  • During your time in the Senate you’ve voted against equal pay for women, maternity leave, extensions on health care benefits for the unemployed, extensions on health care for veterans and military widows, and expansion of Social Security benefits. What exactly can you offer as evidence that you’re a champion of the common man?
  • You’ve also voted time and time again for tax breaks for Fortune 500 corporations. In return your campaign has been largely financed by donations from those very corporations. Would this quid pro quo continue with you in the White House?
  • Among the many big businesses you support are arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and oil conglomerates like Hallburton. Does this signify a commitment to perpetual war in the Middle East? And if not, what are your strategies for withdrawing from that arena?

I don’t want to be pushy, so I’ll end there. But Courtney, if you want more…oh, boy, have I got ‘em.


I’ve written previously about the new hacktivist group, Dramatis Personai, wondering exactly how they’d first make their mark on the world, and why. Well, we now know. In an impressively coordinated move, they shut down the major cable news stations (yes, all of them) for ten minutes this morning. Powerful, yet restrained…and in the video statement that followed (see below), their spokesman even used such favorite Fawkes Rising phrases as “corporate puppet masters” and “one-sided agendas”.

My only qualm: a little confusion about what DP is actually asking for. The rationale for the cable blackout was to teach them “a lesson in objectivity”; yet later the DP spokesman says he “strongly objects to their existence.” Does DP aim to reform cable news, or eradicate it? Or use the threat of the latter to prompt the former?…Just a bit of clarification of their agenda, is what I’m asking for. But in the meantime: full marks. And welcome to the never-ending battle!