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I’ve got a long list of websites that I check out each week; so it’s taken me a while to cycle back to Full Cort Press, the high-school blogger who recently proposed a school-wide Unplug Day for Granville High. First, the administration rejected her proposal, on the grounds that they already had a “strict no use mobile policy” which made an Unplug Day unnecessary (George Orwell would’ve loved that). Full Cort responded by staging a lunchroom address which was swiftly shut down—triggering a “whisper campaign” that resulted in a mass classroom walkout at 2:30 that afternoon. Full Cort then busted the administration for creepily monitoring her blog—at which point they threatened her with suspension unless she gave it up entirely. The result?…As of this week, Full Cort is suspended indefinitely.

There’s something galvanizing about this story…it’s like a small-scale replay of the past hundred years of Big State vs. Little Guy. Here’s hoping the fascist wannabes at Granville High are the Goliath this time around. But you have to wonder: are they really so tone deaf to human freedom, so ignorant of every mass movement, every culture hero from Gandhi to Lech Welesa…

…Or is this really about something else? Is the fact that Full Cort took aim at Internet addiction the pertinent factor here? Who are our schools really serving: our communities and our kids—or Silicon Valley? Has our school system quietly become a factory to produce high-end consumers of Big Tech and Big Auto and Big Everything Else?

And is Full Cort Press paying the price for having shown us the man behind the curtain? Food for thought.