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As I post this, Julian Assange is on Gawker answering readers’ questions (it’s part of the P.R. push for his new book, When Google Met Wikileaks). As you can imagine, it’s pretty rousing stuff. Example: “One thing you can do, which is quite simple, is treat companies like Google and Facebook as the corporations they are. Lots of people – especially on the left – are aware of the ways in which corporations are exploitative and harmful. But there is a disconnect when it comes to Silicon Valley. Lots of people refuse to buy Coca Cola, but they don’t see any problem with having a Gmail account. I think that is changing lately, but we need a movement to divest from these corporations—which destroy privacy—and to build an alternative internet that isn’t as actively harmful to human interests.” A call to action if ever I heard one. Here’s hoping Apple, Panjea, et all, are quaking in their boots today.


After Google approved tens of thousands of requests by individuals to scrub their names from the search engine—including one request by a pedophile—Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales cried foul, saying Google shouldn’t have the power to “censor history.”

This is a big one, pitting privacy against free speech. As I see it, the only answer is to handle such requests on a case-by-case basis, with an eye for both compassion and community standards.

And the only problem with that, is Google itself. They may have had compassion and standards once…but it’s been pretty much erased from their profile.