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If the idea of Unplug Day rattles you, consider journalist David Roberts: he went off-grid for an entire year. Here’s his frank, funny, and highly inspiring recap of what he suffered, and what he gained. The whole thing’s worth reading—but here’s a sample that may have you squirming in recognition: “All my in-between moments, the interstitial transitions and pauses that fill the cracks of a day, were crowded with pings. My mind was perpetually in the state that researcher and technology writer Linda Stone termed continuous partial attention. I was never completely where I was, never entirely doing what I was doing. I always had one eye on the virtual world. Every bit of conversation was a potential tweet, every sunset a potential Instagram.”

He also links to a new app, Freedom, that lets you actually block your Internet for a set period of time—a kind of will-power substitute. Not sure I’d have the guts to commit. While I’d love to detox—to sidestep the invasiveness and privacy-creep of the Internet—I’d worry about what the feds and elites and one-worlders would get up to while my back was turned. But that’s my pathology, not yours.