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Obama Plays Hero Once Again


Political affiliation aside, I have to applaud President Obama for the way he manipulates policy discussion to make himself constantly look like a hero. On Monday, the President came out in favor of Net Neutrality, making him the patron saint of Internet freedom advocates everywhere.

This is the same man who appointed former telecom lobbyist Tom Wheeler to head the FCC. As telecom’s most influential player, Wheeler has cleared a path for the monopolistic mega-mergers that his agency now stands poised to approve. And he’s, of course, the man who gets to decide whether the Internet remains open and free or operates on a two-tier system of paid “fast lanes.”

Standing apart from it all is President Obama, who has largely escaped criticism for his hand in this mess. Read this offensive Times article, which makes the dubious claim that the White House’s position “evolved” and you’ll see how brilliantly the President has manipulated the public.

Despite what he says, he is still intent on destroying Internet freedoms. Cable providers were among Obama’s biggest donors and you can bet that with the FCC’s new proposed rules expected any day Internet fast lanes will soon become a reality.

Of course, it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. The United States government can flip the Internet Kill Switch whenever they’d like and tap into any telecom’s pipes to collect reams of data on you and yours. That, again, is another way in which the President has earned my resentful respect: he’s a master magician who has us blinded over a debate – Internet freedom – that was decided in a secret court years ago.




The Granville High presidential debate is tomorrow, and Courtney Garcia—a.k.a. Full Cort Press, the student/blogger whose essay to CNN won the debate for the school—will be there asking questions. Since Courtney has apparently now discovered Fawkes Rising (and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma’am), I’d like to propose a few additions to the list:

For Angela Lovett:

  • Can you positively and unequivocally say you support net neutrality? And if not, why?
  • What would be your first act as president to safeguard American’s Internet privacy? And how soon into your first term would this occur?
  • As head of the Secret Service, you oversaw the collection and analysis of personal data on private citizens. How do you justify this practice? Do you still support it? And if not, will you act to disable the various security agencies from pursuing it? And will you apologize to those Americans whose privacy was invaded during your tenure?

For Clancy Tooms:

  • During your time in the Senate you’ve voted against equal pay for women, maternity leave, extensions on health care benefits for the unemployed, extensions on health care for veterans and military widows, and expansion of Social Security benefits. What exactly can you offer as evidence that you’re a champion of the common man?
  • You’ve also voted time and time again for tax breaks for Fortune 500 corporations. In return your campaign has been largely financed by donations from those very corporations. Would this quid pro quo continue with you in the White House?
  • Among the many big businesses you support are arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and oil conglomerates like Hallburton. Does this signify a commitment to perpetual war in the Middle East? And if not, what are your strategies for withdrawing from that arena?

I don’t want to be pushy, so I’ll end there. But Courtney, if you want more…oh, boy, have I got ‘em.