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I’ve grown suspicious of the hysteria over the recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, whose shrillness and intensity has seemed out of scale to the actual threat to the U.S. I’ve wondered: am I wrong, or is there something else driving it? Now we’ve got some compelling evidence that a consortium of government, agribusiness, and big tech is plotting to make a killing on mandatory inoculations of an Ebola vaccine—once they’ve whipped up national panic to the point where we’re all eager to overlook the clear violation of our civil rights.

Let’s remember that influenza actually has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans—and yet we’ve managed to bring it under control without mandatory inoculations …respecting the autonomy of those who maintain serious doubts about the safety of flu shots. Even the polio vaccine is recommended, not compulsory. That’s the best of America. Mandatory Ebola shots would incontestably be the worst.