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Evan Baxter & The Election

Another election day has come and gone. After Angela Lovett’s narrow triumph, I wanted to address the campaign season’s wild card: “hacktivist” STOP’s dramatic interruption of the second Tooms/Lovett debate and what (if any) effect it had on the election’s outcome.

Despite the spectacle of STOP’s interruption and the subsequent frenzy surrounding the revelations he brought to light, they seem to have barely played a role in voters’ decision-making.

It seems that no one is really asking how much Lovett knew. As the former head of the country’s top spy agency, the answer is probably “A lot.” People seem fine with the simple promise of reforms to Internet privacy rights without any assurances. But it’s worth asking if America just made a giant mistake in the fight for not only Internet privacy but the future of piracy in general.

I’m sure wherever Fawkes is, he’s asking himself the same question: Did STOP, aka Evan Baxter, die in vain?



Twenty-four hours after the presidential debate at Granville High School was hacked by STOP, we still have few answers as to what happened. The two campaigns, and the school itself, released brief and almost identically worded statements that strove to downplay the incident—position it as a mere prank. The candidates, we’re told, were ushered from the building according to basic security protocols, but there was never any real cause for alarm, and they were scheduled to depart in another ten minutes anyway. That’s it, folks, nothing to see here.

Not a word about the content of the video or the rationale for the hacking. No insights to be had in any mainstream media, of course, as they’re all just divisions of major media conglomerates owned by the same billionaires who have a controlling share in every other goddamn thing in this country.

And disturbingly, nothing from Full Court Press—except the tantalizing fact that the hacking video wasn’t prerecorded…it was live.

That, and one final post merely stating her silence is being forced on her—which should send a chill down our collective spine.

Whatever STOP said—or did—apparently so freaked out the ruling class that they have the entire faculty and student body of Granville High on digital lockdown.

So it’s up to us non-mainstream media to try to find the answers. And for my part, I say we can begin by going to Panjea. What’s that, you ask?…Panjea hasn’t said one word about the hacking since their initial, three-line story yesterday?…Exactly my point. The debate was sponsored by Panjea. Angela Lovett’s biggest campaign donor is the CEO of Panjea. And now Panjea seems entirely dedicated to burying this story as quickly and as deeply as possible.

So I can’t help but wonder: was STOP’s target not the candidates themselves…but Panjea?

Let me know your thoughts. I think I’m on to something.