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Rumors have been flying about a new hacktivist player on the scene. Despite which, we still don’t know much about them other than their name—Dramatis Personai. Until they stage their first major hacking, it’s impossible to say how they differ from Anonymous…but they’ve apparently been sufficiently active to earn themselves their first Twitter fan. As for me—hey, I can’t wait to see what they get up to. Considering the sheer number of deserving targets on the scene today, another group of web-based guerrilla gadflies is exactly what we need.


With Facebook threatening to delete the account of users who don’t go by their real names, many people—including, most visibly, drag performers and their sympathizers—are abandoning the site and jumping to Ello, the new player on the social media landscape. But they’d be better off looking before they leap. Turns out Ello’s promise of an ad-free, privacy-first paradise is just a chimera: the site was developed with seed money from venture capitalists, which means its subscribers are merely investments to be sold later, when their market value is worth harvesting.

This is great news for Panjea, whose own social-media arm is waiting in the wings to embrace the disgruntled and disaffected—many of whom already have Panjea email and web accounts. Unfortunately it’s this very familiarity that will keep people from looking too critically at Panjea’s own financial backing. The tech giant is notoriously secretive about its investors, but given that its advisory board is heavy on congressmen, governors, and other bureaucratic types, it isn’t too hard to drawn conclusions. When I’ve got the hard goods (and I’m spelunking as we speak), I’ll let you know. In the meantime, maybe it’s time to cut back on social media and cultivate an outdoor hobby. No one can spy on you or profit from you when you’re planting chrysanthemums. Not yet, anyway.