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Tomorrow Scotland, the feisty little brother in the United Kingdom family, holds a referendum on whether to remain conjoined to England and Wales, or to sever 300-year-old ties and go its own way. Predictably, the English ruling class has gone into a tailspin; even the supposedly apolitical Queen Elizabeth II was sufficiently rattled to suffer a slip of the tongue.

From my point of view, this is just the chickens coming home to roost. Take a look at a recent poll, which shows that 26% of Scots think MI5, the British secret service, is actively trying to undermine the vote. You don’t get that level of paranoia without earning it; and it seems fairly clear that Westminster’s panic is less about loss of national unity than loss of cash and resources they’ve been using for their own benefit.

A larger worry for one-worlders is whether Scottish independence could trigger a wave of similar secessions. The obvious question for Americans is, could it happen here? Unlikely, as none of our fifty states had prior experience as an independent nation. Though I gotta say, if Texas or Florida wanted to leave the party, I’d be tempted to hold the door open for them.