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After my last post, which made an impassioned case for digital detoxing, I’ve had some additional thoughts. Being a contrarian by nature, and a skeptic from bitter experience, my usual inclination when confronted with any new social movement is to ask: who’s benefitting? And where are the opposing arguments? I’ve belatedly applied that to the Unplugging movement. Still working on the former …but I’ve had better luck with the latter, uncovering the first voices to point out the things the Unpluggers get wrong.

I’m still a proponent of breaking our thrall to our digital devices. But I’ve got a better understanding now of why that’s not such a cut-and-dried issue. That’s my job as a sentinel of liberty: to keep asking the hard questions—especially about my own convictions. Beliefs that aren’t challenged become ideologies…and ideologues are who we fight, not who we are.