Guy Fawkes (Bonfire Night) 2018 – Bonfire Night Traditions, Fireworks, Food, Quotes & More

Guy Fawkes night (also known as Bonfire Night) is celebrated in the memory of the capture of the guard of Gun Powder Treason, Guy Fawkes. People also celebrate it as a Bonfire night, in which families get together to burn the effigy of Guy Fawkes in the bonfire as to remember his evil plans and thanksgiving that the kingdom was saved from its effects.

Bonfire Night 2018 - Guy Fawkes Night 2018 Ultimate Guide

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night usually includes ‘Guy Fawkes Poem’ recitation, bonfire night fireworks and wearing ‘anonymous masks‘ or Guy Fawkes masks in street protests.

Many people also hold Bonfire Night Parties to wear bonfire nightdresses, recite bonfire night poems, share the bonfire night history and uphold the various bonfire night posters and quotes to mark this important event of gunpowder treason.
Below you can find all about the Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night & the importance, activities, and events involving this historic Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night 2018.

Bonfire Night Celebration – All About Bonfire Night 2018 (Complete Guide)

Bonfire Night is celebrated throughout the England and also South Africa by arranging bonfires, burning the effigy of Guy Fawkes and throwing a firework show in the memory of failed plot to fire-up the king in 1604.

Bonfire Night Celebrations also includes the wearing of Guy Fawkes Mask or the Anonymous Mask by the youngsters and marching in the group in the streets reciting the Guy Fawkes Poem, Bonfire Night Rhymes and holding the Guy Fawkes Posters in their hands.

Guy Fawkes Day is also celebrated in schools around the country to pass the information of this important event to the future generation. Guy Fawkes day celebration in schools includes coloring the posters of Guy Fawkes related to this event and other activities.

Bonfire Night Party, Ideas, Props, Games, Pudding Pictures & More

Bonfire Night is a great way to celebrate and remember the blessings through which the King James and several hundred other people were saved.

Bonfire Night Party involves wearing various bonfire night party dresses, putting up various interesting bonfire night party ideas and using bonfire night props, bonfire night games, bonfire night pudding & pictures and several other activities which makes up the total party of bonfire night.

Bonfire Night Traditions – Traditions of Guy Fawkes Night

Bonfire Night Party & Traditions 2018

The Bonfire Night Traditions includes many things in England. Few of the traditions of Bonfire Night are listed below:

  1. Lightning Huge Bonfires
  2. Bonfire Night Traditional Food i.e Potato wrapped in Foil
  3. Show of Fireworks in remembrance of the Guy Fawkes Plot of Blowing up King James 1.
  4. Presenting Heated soup to people who have shown up to watch bonfire night traditional fireworks.
  5. Parlin Cake, traditional bonfire night food, made up of a mixture of Oatmeal, Ginger, Syrup, and Treacle.

Penny for the Guy – Bonfire Night Tradition

Penny for the guy is a tradition where a night before bonfire and fireworks children take their homemade Guy Fawkes Effigy and ask for the ‘penny for the guy’ to collect money so that they can have the fireworks on the bonfire or Guy Fawkes night.

Bonfire Night Fireworks Code

It is important to keep in mind and to let your children know to follow the fireworks code of the United Kingdom before any bonfire night show of fireworks.

This ensures the safety of the people involved, abidance of the law and the up keeping of the environment.

Here is a good guide on the bonfire night fireworks code.

Bonfire Night Rhyme

Bonfire Night Rhymes are the rhymes and poems which children recite during the Guy Fawkes night celebrations and the marches of bonfire nights.

Through these bonfire night rhymes, children are introduced to the plan and plot of the Guy Fawkes to blow up the parliament house on 5th November 1605.

Here is a great resource of Bonfire Night & Guy Hawkes Rhymes

Bonfire Night FoodBonfire Night 2018 Food

As everywhere around the world, most celebrations include food as well. So the bonfire night is not an exception.

There are various bonfire night foods which people prepare on Guy Fawkes night ranging from proper meals to soup and cakes.

List of Bonfire Night Foods:

  1. Baked Potatoes
  2. Heated Soup
  3. Mushroom Turnovers
  4. Ham & Cheese
  5. Many More

You can find all the information related to bonfire night food here.

Bonfire Night Ban

Many people have tried to put a ban on the bonfire night celebrations and on the Guy Fawkes night fireworks.

While the ban on the bonfire night celebrations is politically inspired because people think that it is anti-catholic, the ban on bonfire night fireworks is mostly inspired for the safety of all the people involved.

However, even after the talks on bonfire night ban on various media outlets, Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night are celebrated around the globe on 5th of November.

Guy Fawkes (Bonfire Night) Story for the Kids

People also related various stories of Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night stories to their children in order to pass the knowledge and legacy of this historical Guy Fawkes day.

Here is the complete resource on the stories of Guy Fawkes and the Bonfire Night Stories.

Bonfire Night & Guy Fawkes Posters

Throughout the demonstrations on the bonfire night, people hold up various Guy Fawkes Posters in their hands to remember the main person who got caught and then the whole gang was caught.

Guy Fawkes Night Posters 2018 bonfire night posters 2018

Guy Fawkes posters are usually in demand around the 5th November of every year as people celebrate the Guy Fawkes day and the bonfire night using these Guy Fawkes posters in various ways.

Bonfire Night Coloring Pages & Worksheets

As people want to introduce this historic event to the future generations, they take the aids of Bonfire Night Coloring Pages and the Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night worksheets.

We have collected many beautiful and use-worthy coloring pages of bonfire night and the Guy Fawkes coloring pages for your children to engage with.

By using these Bonfire Night Coloring pages you can let your child engage his/her creativity all the while learning about this historical event of Gunpowder Treason.

Guy Fawkes Night – History of Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night

Also known as Guido Fawkes, he was born in the city of York in England. After losing his father at the age of eight, he witnessed his mother marrying another man. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic by faith and dedicated his entire life to this cause (albeit through terror).

He fought in the eighty-years long war between Catholic Spain and Protestant Dutch but later came back to England to join hands with Robert Catesby, who was the main planner of the famous gunpowder treason aiming to assassinate the King James 1 so that he can bring back the Catholic faith to the throne.

Fortunately, the authorities received an anonymous letter which prompted about the gunpowder treason plot to be executed in the Westminister Palace.

They searched the palace and found Guy Fawkes guarding the explosive stored for blowing up the parliament house.

Guy Fawkes Torture – Hanged, Drawn & Quartered

Guy Fawkes Torture -

Authorities arrested the Guy Fawkes and then tortured him until he confesses on the orders of the king. The details of the torture of Guy Fawkes are not readily available but it is quite evident from the Guy Fawkes Signatures below that the torture was severe.

Just compare the before and after signature of Guy Fawkes as shown below.

Guy Fawkes Signatures

Signatures of Guy Fawkes are evident proof of the severity of his torture. As one can easily see the difference between the Guy Fawkes signatures before and after the torture.

Guy Fawkes Signature -

Guy Fawkes Signatures are a great source of interest to the people on the Guy Fawkes Day & Guy Fawkes Night because they are the signatures which he signed after getting caught and after being tortured on the names of the people involved in the Gunpowder Treason.

Guy Fawkes Death

Even after the torture and confessions, Guy Fawkes death was to be a severe one. He was ordered to be Quartered while still alive and then hanged. But to save himself from this terrible fate, Guy Fawkes jumped from the building and broke his neck, which resulted in his death.

But even after this death of Guy Fawkes, the authorities quartered his body and sent to all the four corners of the kingdom as a warning to all the future plots against the king.

Guy Fawkes Facts

As Guy Fawkes is one of the key figures of this foiled plot, below are the few important facts about Guy Fawkes which you should know:

  1. Guy Fawkes’s one trait was admired by the King James 1, who was the main target of the plot.
  2. Guy Fawkes was actually born in the Protestant faith and later converted to the Catholic faith.
  3. Despite being hated as a national villain and his effigy being burned on Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night, he actually got an island to his name Galapagos Islands.
  4. Guy Fawkes names himself John Johnson when he was about to be arrested.
  5. Even after being caught with all the explosives, it took 4 days of torture to confess his role in the plot.

You can read about all the Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night Facts here.

Guy Fawkes Poem – Writer, Wordings & Meanings

Guy Fawkes poem is attributed to be written by John Milton in 1639 while celebrating the anniversary of Guy Fawkes Night & Bonfire Night in remembrance of the failed plot. Some authorities are in doubt of this fact and claim that the Guy Fawkes poem was written by an unknown author in 1606.

There are various poems attributed to the Guy Fawkes poem and of those, the most popular is the “Remember Remember the 5th of November”, also popularized by a Hollywood movie released in 2005.

There are several rhymes of Guy Fawkes and meanings of Guy Fawkes Poem which are discussed in this article about the Bonfire Night Rhymes & Poems.

Guy Fawkes Mask – Anonymous Mask

As mentioned above, many people buy Guy Fawkes Mask and wear this anonymous mask on the bonfire night to celebrate the Guy Fawkes night.

This mask was mainly popularized by the major film released by Hollywood in 2005 titled “V for Vendetta”.

Guy Fawkes Mask is available in different shapes, sizes, and qualities. It is even available for kids to celebrate the bonfire night by wearing Guy Fawkes Mask for Kids.

Below are a few images of Guy Fawkes Mask.


Guy Fawkes Mask 2018

Penny for the Guy – Guy Fawkes Night Tradition

Penny for the guy is a tradition where a night before bonfire and fireworks children take their homemade Guy Fawkes Effigy and ask for the ‘penny for the guy’ to collect money so that they can have the fireworks on the bonfire or Guy Fawkes night.

Million Mask March – Guy Fawkes Night March 2018

The Million Mask March is another interesting event associated with Guy Fawkes as people around the world gather to protest about the various activities of the elites.

Million Mask March was first started in 2013 by an Internet group called “Anonymous”. This led to a widespread protest around various parts of UK and USA and now it is a regular event held by the group.

Million Mask March - Montreal

In Million Mask March, people wear different variations of the Guy Fawkes Mask and march around the iconic buildings of their city to raise their voice and spread the awareness of their agenda.

There are various rules for the people who want to join the Million Mask March which ensures the following of Laws and the comfort and health of its participants. These rules involve documenting the march and wearing comfortable shoes, just to give the examples.

Guy Fawkes Quotes

There are many quotes about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We have a complete resource on Guy Fawkes Quote as well.

Below are the two of the most popular Guy Fawkes Quotes mostly shared on Bonfire Nights on 5th November:

  1. A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.
  2. To blow you, Scotch beggars, back to your native mountains.

Both of these Guy Fawkes quotes are historical in their nature and requires a lot of contexts to completely understand their depths.

Guy Fawkes – Frequently Asked Questions

We have a complete resource dedicated on the most asked questions of Guy Fawkes including his history, agenda, family and his real name.

Guy Fawkes real name was Guido Fawkes as he was known by. He also named himself John Johnson before he got arrested on 4th November 1605.

There are various theories about Guy Fawkes real name and some of them involve various historical disputes as well.

For more information about Guy Fawkes visit our page on Guy Fawkes FAQ.


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